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Melbourne: Someday Is Now Exhibition

Someday Is Now Exhibition elevates the Craft of the Hand Drawn Letter, Giving it the Status it Deserves

On Nov 6, 7 and 8, you are invited to come along and feel your whole typographic perspective shift when you experience the bedazzling difference that ONLY the human hand, passionate heart and clever head makes to create enviably precise and crisp letterforms that are sophisticated and elegant. Encounter 'Someday is Now', an exhibition par excellence of 20 highly skilled Calligraphers who have slept, ate and dreamed calligraphy all year, experimenting with layout colour and line here in our Lettercraft Lab, to bring you an exhibition that is timeless and elevates the craft of the hand drawn letter to the status it deserves.  

Nov 7 and 8 is your chance to also visit, and take advantage of the OSNS Open Day where school founder Veronica Grow, with Madeline Deneys will run two special hands on Typography mini masterclasses for just $40 each.

Details on the Someday is Now Exhibition (including profiles for the exhibitors) here