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Birmingham: Type Talk with Mary Noble: Calligraphy - here today, where will it go tomorrow?

Calligraphy has seen a major change of use since Edward Johnston turned it into a must-have art school skill in the early 1900’s from whence it lasted nearly 100 years before the computer took away some of its applications, and calligraphers sought more niche markets for this hand skill that refuses to die. Early craftspeople made a living from formal presentation scrolls, family trees, and of course memorial books after two World Wars.
The writing was on the wall once desktop publishing could knock up a poster faster than a calligrapher could rule up a page. So, freed from the formal drudge of pages of identical writing, he and she got creative. Calligraphers embraced art, tried being subversive, devised new letterforms, tried new applications, explored different tools. The past provided inspiration for the future, and the result has been wacky, ugly, or amazing, depending on your point of view.

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