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Melbourne: Neuland Calligraphy Workshop

Saturday 15th October at Rotson Studios (Fitzroy), Melbourne

Neuland is a German typeface designed in 1923 by Rudolf Koch. Deriving inspiration from this typeface, we will write a calligraphic alphabet using a bamboo pen and walnut ink, to then create variations of the original design.

Historical context and examples of applied works included in the session.

Level: Beginners, previous knowledge is not required.

You will learn:

  • The difference between calligraphy, lettering and typography;
  • The tools used to write each script: broad nib pen, flexible pen, ruling pen, bamboo pen and flat brush;
  • Historical examples plus contemporary artworks by professional calligraphers and artists;
  • The fundamental elements of the letter: the strokes;

You will learn that calligraphy directly reflects the movement of the hand. Practising calligraphy is connecting your brain with your hand and your eye. It is also about having fun and learning by doing!

Time: 10am – 2.30pm

Individual session: $80


This is the link to the complete course outline: