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Birmingham: Type Talk: Adrian Shaughnessy: The graphic designer as writer, editor and publisher

Graphic designers are often capable of more than just graphic design. The graphic design sensibility and skill set are surprisingly well suited to a wide range of activities. Primary amongst these is the practice of writing, editing and publishing. In his talk, graphic designer Adrian Shaughnessy describes how he has expanded his practice to include these disciplines.

Shaughnessy explains how many of the skills and experiences he acquired as the creative head of a graphic design studio for 15 years (Intro) enabled him to build a parallel writing and editing career, which he has subsequently expanded into a publishing company – Unit Editions. The imprint is now six years old, and has published over 20 titles on graphic design and visual culture.

In his talk, Shaughnessy describes the journey he has undertaken, and how despite radically changing his career path, he retains the outlook of a graphic designer.

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