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FUTURA: The »The Coming One«. This is the name the typographer and type designer Paul Renner gave his new type, which he published in 1927 with the Bauersche Giesserei, Frankfurt/Main. Developed in the context of the New Typography, this type is probably the best known and most striking German type to this day.

What is the secret of the success of this geometrical Sanserif? Surely it is not just its name, which has predestined it time and time again for futuristic projects such as the moon landing in 1969. To a large part its success must also be due to its timeless elegance, which enables one to use this type to ever new effect, aesthetically pleasing and convincing.

The Translations 5 Symposium entitled FUTURA – TRIBUTE TO A TYPEFACE presents current positions in type and corporate design, be it with enthusiastic reference to the famous geometrical Sanserif or inspired by it. We will, however, also introduce and discuss critical points of view, as well as new design-historic research findings about its origin and initial reception.

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