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New York: Mechanics of Typographic Space

Typography has become the essential way of graphically shaping language, but the mechanics involved in crafting elegant typography can sometimes seem mystifying. The key to good typography is an understanding of space. Through lectures, assignments, demonstrations and discussions this course will help build a strong grasp of the elements that make up these mechanics of balancing space to achieve strong typography. Students will learn how, and why, typefaces are shaped the way they are. The class will explore various strategies in making sound typeface selections, concepts behind making multiple typefaces work together, and dealing with complex hierarchies. We will also tackle laying out, and fine-tuning, long passages of text, and explore various methods of building typographic grids. The class will also cover understanding, and mastery of, minute details (dashes, punctuation, fractions, footnotes, smart spaces, all those strange glyphs in the glyph palette, etc) which often go unseen, but are essential to crafting elegant typography.

This is not a refresher in typography, nor is it a basics course, but is rather a more nuanced, deeper exploration of key ideas within typography. Participants must have a basic understanding of graphic design concepts. College-level design course or working experience in the graphic design field, with an understanding of Adobe InDesign, will be helpful, but are not essential. A Mac/Windows laptop with a recent version (CS3 or later) of InDesign installed is required.

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