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Los Angles: TypeEd & AIGA Scriptology

Learn all about the foundations of script letterforms; their cursive and calligraphic origins, how to modify weight, stress and stroke, and how to use them for adding warmth to your work. Sign up before Valentine’s Day and receive a Scripts book, written by Steven Heller and Louise Fili, a gift from AIGA OC.


Swashes. Tails. Flourishes. Ah, the wonders of scripts. If anatomy, geometry and calligraphy doesn’t get you thinking about the practical design foundations for use in logotype and editorial settings, well… we’re betting this will.

In this workshop, you’ll use your mouse and pen tablet in a calligraphic journey to explore the warmth and personality of script lettering. Working purely in a digital medium, we’ll walk you through the characteristics and anatomy of script typefaces, and demonstrate how to specify, manipulate and build a mark useful enough for scores of design applications.

About This Workshop

  • Typography Skill Level: Beginning
  • Adobe Illustrator Proficiency: Beginning/Intermediate
  • Students will learn about the aspects of readability, angle, stroke variation and translating letterforms and working with digital vectors and bézier curves
  • We highly recommend students take Type 1 in person or online (or have 3+ years design experience and understand type anatomy)

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