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Leipzig: Typotage

Nothing is as constant as change: what is true for social, political and economic developments, also takes place in the font design and typography. The last decades prove that technical progress and innovations accelerate this change by a multiple. But in retrospect, many changes and turning points in dealing with writing can moor.

The respective "new" in a temporal context is the subject of 22 Leipziger Typotage. A look back essential, but are present and the future in the foreground. The conference comes here to the questions of importance and current challenges scripture design work as well as the professional handling of writing in new media. Spoke among others Anna Fahrmaier and Michael Hochleitner (Vienna, A), Jost Hochuli (St. Gallen, CH), Atilla Korap (Bad Homburg), Andrej Krátky (Bratislava, SK), Julia sea (Berlin), Andrea Nienhaus (Berlin) and Ulrich Johannes Schneider (Leipzig).

The prelude to the Leipziger Typotage forms the night before, Friday, April 22, 19 am, the opening of the exhibition "From hand-written letters" (Museum of the Printing Arts Leipzig, 24 April to 3 July 2016). Curated by the Swiss typographer Jost Hochuli exhibition handwritten letters, which are not shown because of their content, but because of their signature. They include correspondence of international graphic designers, type designers and publishers whose manuscripts were inspired by the writing reform of the Englishman Alfred Fairbank.