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Melbourne: Speculative Type Design with Dr Barry Spencer

In this workshop you will be able to explore the wonders of letterform creation, experimentation and speculation through freedom and the use of a variety of grid patterns.

You will be encouraged to embrace an open mind towards letter shapes and free yourself from what you think the alphabet “should” look like and instead explore what it could look like.

Working off gridded paper we will play with forms in an environment where there is no “wrong” answer only potentially fun and obscure ones. We will work together to try and push our perspective of letters through observing what each participant creates, swapping grids, co-design and simply having a play.


Not a fan of grids?

No problem, using plain paper you can use your favorite writing implement and do things a little more freehand. The main focus of the workshop is to play and explore. Like something in particular? A game? A pattern? A feeling? A sport? A brush? An art or design movement? A texture? A form in nature? Let’s make some letters out of it!

From this workshop you will hopefully be able to take with you a new approach towards the creation of letterforms that will open up the possibilities of what you make in the future.

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