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Hamilton and Auckland: Alphabet is code workshops

Design Assembly invites you to join Brisbane-based designer Nicole Arnett Phillips, aka Typograph.Her


Typography can and should perform both directly and indirectly. In this hands-on masterclass we begin with examining the origins and evolution of visual language to explore the different ways text conveys meaning. Designing letterforms is a discipline of limitation rather than creative freedom, but the bounds of familiarity are the perfect restraints to begin creative exploration, experimentation and expression.

As a group we will discuss what sound looks like and explore mechanisms to visually express the tone, inflection and emotion of spoken language.Through a series of guided sequential drawings, participants learn a number of techniques to construct and deconstruct conventional, abstract and expressive glyphs, letterforms and characters (in a variety of genres — serif, sans, slab and script). Attendees will undertake 15 pencil sketch exercises to warm up (as they get an understanding of the concepts and drawing techniques), before creating their own piece of hand-generated typography that conveys meaning both figuratively and literally.