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Auckland: Calligraphy with Peter Guilderdale

Join renowned calligrapher Peter Gilderdale and the Design Assembly crew in this one-day Auckland workshop on Saturday, 30th July.

I had the pleasure of studying under Peter at AUT (where he lectures in Graphic design) His penmanship is masterful and he is a inspiring teacher. This is sure to be a wonderful and insightful workshop - I wish I was going to be in auckland that week!

"You’re a designer. You love type. But you also think calligraphy is cool. You’ve been trying to teach yourself. Maybe you’ve even taken a workshop or two. Your friends think your calligraphy is awesome, but you know there’s still a way to go… If that description sounds like you, then this workshop will help you both to test the strength of your calligraphic foundations, and to extend the range of alphabets and materials that you are confident to work with."

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