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Kingston Washington: Personal Propaganda Workshops

"You’re only guaranteed freedom of the press if you own one.” –A.J. Liebling

It’s a scary new America, folks. We’re worried. We’re depressed. We’re grim and grasping at straws to find a way forward. This is one way: from here on out, third Saturdays at Expedition Press are dedicated to bringing community voices to paper one by one.

You’re invited to come spend a few hours printing your own personal propaganda. What needs to be said? What needs to be heard? What do you dearly want to remember and remind people of in the days ahead?

Come feel the weight of your words letter by letter. Form your message in solid metal, lock it down, ink it up, and press those words firmly into a page. Then post them, pin them, paste them. Gift them hand to hand, face to face, mailbox to mailbox.

  • $100 to print your own 100+ postcards
  • 3.5 hour session (morning or afternoon)
  • limit two people per session
  • ages 8+ welcome

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