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Auckland, DA Workshop: Bookbinding with Gabi Lardies

Bookbinding with Gabi Lardies
Learn 4 new techniques for 2017

Gabi will lead a hands-on workshop to give students practical skills and knowledge to create four different bindings. She will teach traditional techniques, alongside some she has developed herself, to enable students to make books with simple tools rather than need access to a bindery. Students will learn adhesive and stitching techniques, as well as specific preparation of materials. The four binding types she will cover are: Perfect Binding, Japanese Tortoise Shell Stitch, Chinese Side Stitch and Coptic Binding. These bindings can be used in practical ways such as for portfolios, presentations, or note books, and for creative purposes such as Art-Books and self-publishing.

Along the way, Gabi will share knowledge about the materials used, such as paper, glue, thread and printing, and suggest different finishing options and ways to experiment with the physical object of the book. She will give tips and reasons for when to use particular binding methods, and show students different examples. Each student will go home with four books they have bound themselves and a detailed guide book written and illustrated by Gabi.

Learning outcomes:
Fundamental skills of stitched and adhesive bookbinding

  • Knowledge of tools & materials
  • Step by step knowledge of how to Perfect Bind
  • Step by step knowledge of how to Japanese Tortoise Shell Stitch
  • Step by step knowledge of how to Chinese Side Stitch
  • Step by step knowledge of Coptic Bind
  • Pros and cons of each binding type.
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