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Melbourne: OSNS Type Design Program 2017

Learning in the Type program is holistic, offering a creative alternative that stretches beyond the confines of purely academic design education with its special focus on hands on technique. This opens up a valuable opportunity to experiment when you can move beyond the very limited abstract thinking of the head. Holistic learning at OSNS also enacts the heart and the hands (head heart and hands).

We prioritise a sound knowledge and practice of typographic methods, history, and a process of experimentation through hands on play and research to generate conceptual, culturally-aware and astounding designers.

When studying Type Design and Lettering, connecting personally with established Type Designers accelerates your acquisition of knowledge . We have solved the major issue whereby the best people are far away, and unable come to Australia. by introducing a virtualclassroom, meaning we will all be able to look each other in the eye and talk together through ascreen hookup to the following Giants:

Ken Barber
We are excited to bring in Ken Barber Type Designer and Letterer of House Industries, famous for designing Neutra Face and hundreds of beautiful Typefaces for House, Ken is Legendary. He is going to help out by digging deep into significance of The Modern Letter, and demonstrate via comprehensive case studies the modern letter's enormous scope for adaptation and customisation. He is has a legendary ability to distill complex information into accessible bites.

Kris Sowersby from Klim Type
We are fortunate that Kris Sowersby from Klim Type Foundry has generously agreed to share his knowledge with our students. Klim Foundry is one of the world's most highly revered independent foundries, and has been written about extensively. Their typefaces are beautiful, and Kris's knowledge of historic typefaces is evident if you take a peek.

Dan Milne Type Lab
Meanwhile, Type Lab's Dan Milne (here in Melbourne) will teach in the flesh, with his specialization being optical adjustments in letters and design for different optical sizes. These are principles which relate equally to type design and lettering.

Bruno Herfst
Bruno Herfst will return to share the incredible possibilities afforded to Type Design by Glyph ! Bruno is well liked and popular, energetic and never dry, he makes Type Design fun and students love him!

Veronica Grow
Veronica's extensive studies in the USA this year will enable her to introduce a whole new retinue of tools and knowledge. She is excited to be introducing the foundation knowledge of all lettering and type that comes from understanding Roman Brush Capitals. The Brush is a versatile tool which can be used to createinteresting letterforms. Veronica has taught and studied typography in New York and is known globally as an type and lettering education luminary.

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