Allow me to introduce myself...

Nicole Arnett Phillips (noun)

I am a Designer, Typographer, Publisher and Printmaker.

I am passionate about print and love letters, layout and ink.

While all areas of design fascinate and intrigue me, it was my love for letterforms and the process of language
becoming visible that motivated me to become a designer. My specific areas of expertise center around
editorial and book design, communication design, and the integration of graphic and urban design.

The term 'typograph.Her' was a derivative of 'Font.B*tch' a nickname I acquired many moons ago
that lingers on the tongue of some of my collaborators and creative cohorts today!

I am an industrious producer and a curious creator. I love to experiment with relief printmaking techniques
(particularly letterpress, and woodcut) to produce and publish. My working week is split between
my design consultancy practice and self generated publishing, typographic and printmaking adventures. 

You can learn more about my consulting practice over at the nico!e.ap. site.

Or find out more about my career history over on Linkedin.


Photography: Toby Scott