In my professional practice I deliver effective, meaningful, creative solutions for creative people. 

I am a consultant and work with select clients on hourly and fixed fee terms. 
Most often I work with other creatives - And I LOVE to collaborate.

I have over 14 years experience in publication design, visual communication and art direction.  I specialise in

  • designing engaging printed documents with emphasis on clarity and creativity, 
  • creating memorable typographic experiences,
  • delivering meaningful visual narratives; and
  • producing effective ideas based communication design solutions. 

A published author on the fields of typography and book design, I have been recognised with a number of design,
publishing and art awards. I have a Bachelor degree in Art and Design, as well as certificates in Photography, Publishing,
Graphic Design and Communication.

I am passionate about print and love letters, layout and ink.

You can learn more about my consulting practice over at the nico!e.ap. site.

Or find out more about my career history over on Linkedin.