The Galleries below show thumbnails from previous series and experiments.

Analogue Bitmap 2016 (handset metal)

Type as Pixels 2015-16 (handset metal)

Visual Verbal Language 2015 (woodtype)

Modules 2015-2016 (woodtype and p22 blox)

Orientation 2015 (woodcut and woodtype)

PrintMedia 2014-15 (woodcut, woodtype, foam and polymer)

For TypographJournal 2014-26 (Woodtype, Handset metal)


Anticipation of Innovation 2012-13 (wood type) 2012-2013, Handset metal, woodtype, and polymer) 

Negative# 2012-13 (polymer)

Animalbet(s) 2011-12 (polymer)

Geobet(s) 2011-2012 (mixed media, linocut, gocco, screen print, giclee)