Volume 01

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The debut volume of this new periodical publication contains, visual research, ideation, interviews and a series of tools to encourage creative confidence and continued learning within the creative community. The text is conversational, experimental, self-generated, personal expressions about design theory, practice and process. The layout, visual devices and typographic treatment (form) expresses the content, thinking and curation (function). The intent is for the document to be self-reflective and symbiotic in its approach to design practice and theory.

As a reflection of contemporary culture (and the time demands on busy creative practitioners today) the document is set out to read as a series of sound bites - that can be dived in and out of (rather than needing to read the document cover to cover to get an understanding of the text). Each spread contains an idea, inspiration, catalyst or resource that can be read alone or as a thread to form part of the curated collection of themes and ideas.

Volume 01 poses the question Can a text be readerly and experimental? And the first Ideation evolves around the shifting negotiation between the form and function of visual communication.

The content of the debut volume spans

  1. Passionate v. Professional Practice,
  2. Design Authorship (& influence),
  3. Form v. Function,
  4. Kit of parts systems,
  5. Visual storytelling, and
  6. Continued Learning.

And features; Stefan Sagmeister, The Hungry Workshop, The Counter Press, GraphicDesign&, Sabine Pick,
Bobby Haiqalsyah, Kusalta Shrestha, Dominique Falla, Wayne Thompson. With resources from; APDL, The Club of Odd Volumes and Foliolio


ISSN 2203-5966

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