A periodical containing, visual research, ideation, interviews and a series of tools to encourage confidence and continued learning within the creative community.

The TYPOgraphJournal is written by designers for designers. The text is conversational, experimental, self-generated, personal expressions about design theory, practice and process.

Each volume poses a question which sets the direction for ideas to develop and conversations to unravel. 

Unlike a traditional design theory publication the journal is a curated selection of short soundbites intended as creative propulsion for the readers own ideas and development. The thinking is expanded upon with in depth interviews, demonstrated with visual research.

The TYPOgraphJournals layout, visual devices and typographic treatment (form) expresses the content, thinking and curation (function). The intent is for the document to be self-reflective and symbiotic in its approach to design practice and theory. 


VOLUME 01 'CAN A TEXT BE BOTH READERLY AND EXPERIMENTAL?' LAUNCHED MID JUNE 2014 Featuring; Stefan Sagmeister, The Hungry Workshop, The Counter Press, GraphicDesign&, Sabine Pick, Bobby Haiqalsyah, Kusalta Shrestha, Dominique Falla, Wayne Thompson.

VOLUME 02 ‘WHERE DO WE FIND, AND HOW DO WE FEED, OUR CREATIVITY?’ LAUNCHED LATE NOVEMBER 2014 Featuring; Jessica Hische, Caren Florance, Matt Vergotis, Luke Lucas, Peter Rudledge, Deane Featonby, Barry Spencer and Ash Brennan. 

VOLUME 03 ‘WHERE DO MATH AND BEAUTY INTERSECT?’ LAUNCHED LATE JULY 2015 Featuring; by; Veronica Grow and David Jonathan Ross and features; Vince Frost, Kris Sowersby, David Wolske, Lyn Tran, Carla Hackett, Maarten Van t Wout, Aurelie Maron, Leona Fietz, Manolo Frausto

VOLUME 04 ‘WHICH TECHNIQUES AND TECHNOLOGIES RESHAPE CONTEMPORARY DESIGN?’ LAUNCHED LATE APRIL 2016 (PRINTED MARCH) The issue features a stellar line-up of design talent including The Doves Type, Gonzalo Hergueta and Lucas Benarroch, Starshaped Press, Craig Ward, Novo Typo, Dave Foster, Amy Papaelias, Resistenza, Matt Haynes, Jess Cruickshank, Kate Hursthouse, Steve Mitchell, Studio Lowbrow, Jamie Clarke and many more.

You can take a sneak peek inside each volume in the videos below.