Allow me to introduce myself...
Nicole Arnett Phillips (noun) I am a Designer, Typographer, Publisher and Printmaker.

I am passionate about print and love letters, layout and ink.




I have 19 years’ experience in publication design, visual communication and art direction. Professionally my specific areas of practice focus on book design, and the integration of graphic and urban design. As a result in my client work I use type in both 2 and 3 dimensions from 6pt (in print) to 6m (in the built environment).

I am all about process. Some designers find themselves intimidated by a blank page. Others are great starters but not so good at getting things over the finish line. I tend to sit somewhere in between. I believe rigour and critical design thinking is important. As is a great quality outcome. But no more so than the design discovery and creative play that happens in the middle.

I am a proud member of ABDA, Alphabettes, Creative Womens Circle and ISTD, a 'friend' of Design Assembly (NZ) and Typism, am an active participant (and enthusiastic cheerleader) of the typographic community worldwide.

I believe designers must engage with self-generated investigations, research and ideation (in addition to their client-focused work) to find a point of view, philosophy or position that is authentically their own. So my working week is split between my design consultancy practice and self generated publishing, typographic and printmaking adventures.



Print made an impression on me (pun intended) from an early age. I love to experiment with relief printmaking techniques (particularly letterpress, and woodcut) to produce and publish. 

I also tutor/lecture regularly in Type, Editorial Design, Ideation, Design history, and printmaking in Australia and New Zealand. And speak at conferences and industry events from time to time - including the 2013 Typism Conference,  and the 2016 TDC conference.

The term ‘typograph.Her’ was a derivative of ‘Font.B*tch’ a nickname I acquired many moons ago that lingers on the tongue of some of my collaborators and creative cohorts today!

Elsewhere (interviews and profiles)
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You can learn more about my consulting practice over at the nico!e.ap. site. Or find out more about my career history over on Linkedin.

Above photo by Orion Zuyderhoff Gray