Designing documents that explain, engage, entertain and illuminate; I value books as art and artefact. 
They excite, fascinate and intrigue me.

“Predictions that ‘Print is dead’ have failed to materialise.
Books still demonstrate rugged indestructibility.”

Adrian Shaughnessy

Following in the spirit of the great William Morris’s Kelmscott Press (and many great private
presses since) who have championed book production as art and book objects as artefacts.
Typograph.press is a private press I operate to publish my own designer-as-author
explorations and also to allow me a vehicle to collaborate with other creative people I admire.
As an author, curator, designer, and educator I continue to test the boundaries between;

  • Legibility and innovation,

  • Visual rhythm and composition,

  • Layout and narrative,

  • Text and image.

This publishing venture allows me to share design knowledge, celebrate the industrial crafts,
and work with type in an experimental way. I produce high quality informative and engaging 
books for designers and other visually sophisticated readers. Artefacts that acknowledge 
the production methods and composition techniques of the past without becoming stale or
unsuitable for todays audience.


Printing made an enormous impression on me.

I have always been fascinated by the process of language becoming visible. Producing books
allows my curious mind to explore so many of the concepts i find exciting including;

  • design as an activity of discovery and learning,

  • scale and sequence,

  • legacy of literature and print,

  • knowledge exchange,

  • design authorship,

  • exploitation of the grid and organisational structures,

  • challenging and testing the established rules of graphic design,

  • collaboration,

  • experimentation as the birth place for innovation,

  • visual narrative,

  • sensuality and tactility of paper; and 

  • the medium as the message.

Long live Print!