Various B Experiments
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I love the double decker anatomy of the Uppercase B - it is a great letterform to draw - however each time I try to construct one in my hot-metal-pixels it turns out to be a bit of a disaster! The B has not beaten me yet and I keep revisiting it. Here are a few of the most recent iterations.

I don't have the lock up right here as there is too much weight where the bowls and stem intersect - I shuffled a lot of sorts to try and reduce the optical swelling but the scale of the type (and form meant it just looked clumsy.

The trouble with experimenting is sometimes all you end up with is a hot mess!

This print didn't turn out how I expected it to!

After deciding the positive and negative details in the feet were too fussy for the blackletter form I tried to recreate the shape with the backside of woodtype... but it was too heavy and not close enough to what I set out to achieve.